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Servo Cards


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Salaah Time Indicator
Servo Voltage Stabilizer Control PCB
Diana (Digital + Analog)
Ultra Deluxe
Stabilizer Control Module
Healthy Phase Selector
Token Display System
Queue Management System
Control for PAD Printing M/c
PLC for Blow Moulding Machine
Step Controller
Sequence Controller
Production Display Systems
Servo Cards


Healthy Phase Selector:

For the applications, mostly in rural areas where different phase have different voltages with a wide gap, there is aneed to select the best one and to feed this to Servo Stabilizer. It does the work.

Queue/Token Management System:

Token Dispensers are issued, where there is long Queue, normally in Hospitals, Banks, service Centres etc. It helps in managing the entire setup.

PLC for PAD Printing Machine:

To control the Printing operations and Pneumatic cylinders of Pad Printing Machine, this control is used

PLC for Blow Moulding Machine:

It helps in controlling and monitoring the operations of Blow Moulding Machines.