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Servo Voltage Stabilizer Control PCB
Digital DLX
Stabilizer Control Module
Healthy Phase Selector
Token Display System
Queue Management System
Control for PAD Printing M/c
PLC for Blow Moulding Machine
Control Card for Currency counting M/c
Step Controller
Sequence Controller
Display Systems
Servo Cards


Digital Deluxe:

Servo Stabilizer Control Module with single Display. It has the provision of Low Voltage Protection, High Voltage Protection, Time Delay Relay.


Servo Stabilizer Control Module with Double Display. Similar to Digital Deluxe, it also has LOW/HIGH Voltage protection and Time Delay Relay.


Servo Stabilizer Control Module with Double Display. In addition to LOW/HIGH voltage protection and time delay relay, it also has the protection of High Current. Upto current of 100 A there is no need for the external CT.


Servo Stabilizer Control Module with Double Display. In addition to all the features available in Smart-CT, it has a very wide range starting from 90V to 300V. It is capable of handling 600 V generated during operations of this range.

Healthy Phase Selector:

For the applications, mostly in rural areas where different phase have different voltages with a wide gap, there is aneed to select the best one and to feed this to Servo Stabilizer. It does the work.

Queue/Token Management System:

Token Dispensers are issued, where there is long Queue, normally in Hospitals, Banks, service Centres etc. It helps in managing the entire setup.

PLC for PAD Printing Machine:

To control the Printing operations and Pneumatic cylinders of Pad Printing Machine, this control is used

PLC for Blow Moulding Machine:

It helps in controlling and monitoring the operations of Blow Moulding Machines.